Milky White Master-bator Angel R Likes To Tease!


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Milky White Master-bator Angel R Likes To Tease!

Milky white master-bator, Angel R, is a total teasing teen! He keeps showing off & stroking his long shaft until he can't help but cum in this cock milking solo!

September 20th 2021

Members' Comments

ZOUNDS! This video is the companion to a photo shoot of the same exercise. I plowed through the stills first and was disappointed on a number of fronts. I then watched this video and was astounded! It’s almost hard to believe that they recorded the same action. The video leaves me panting, drooling and dribbling. Aaron in the stills appeared all but disinterested, willing to show us his splendid dick but does so begrudgingly. Aaron in the video is seducing us! He doesn’t just want us to see his stunning dick, enticing asshole and silky smooth body, he is passionately enticing us to participate in his sexual arousal. His full, expressive lips are a moist invitation to a deep, enveloping blowjob. As he brushes and pinches his nipples they rise to a point, imploring our lips and tongue to kiss and nibble them. His milky chest lures us to lay our face down to feel his beauty. His cock - his crowning glory - is larger than yours but not absurd. It is long, veined and filled with patient enchantment. Its girth creates resistance to being inserted into the transparent pump sleeve so that Aaron has to use the suction of the pump to draw it balls-deep. We can see it pulsing inside the clear sleeve. We can handle that, we huff to ourselves. We are mesmerized imagining him pushing that bone in us, causing exquisite fullness, stimulating our prostate with every thrust. We realize he is now prone, stroking that cock with serious intent. He climaxes with a momentary shudder as a translucent stream of his manhood ejaculates a contiguous stripe to lay from his spent dick to his pecs. It’s not a splatter or a flood but a temptation as we feel our tongue, unbidden, reaching out to lap up that treasure. We are both spent.